Problem Solving
The process really works!

The variety of processes that we use really do work. We make these sessions interactive and by facilitating in such a way that we lead the participants through the process. Oh, no doubt their brains will hurt by the end of the session, but they will learn a lot about the challenges they are working on, new tools to get unstuck and a lot more about each other. This is really important when team building is one of the underlying factors that a client is looking for. We don’t do team building, per se, but it does happen organically during a session. The process really is a road map and like any good road trip, if you skip a section, you will get lost. Here’s what we uncover:


Clarifying – really digging deep to make sure we are working on the right challenges and then making them robust so that to answer them, ideas just start sparking. And making sure we are working from the right information. Do we have all of info we need to work on these challenges.


Ideating – getting divergent in our thinking to find solutions. Saying to each other, “yes, and…” and building on each other’s ideas. Deferring judgement until we really understand each other’s ideas. And, of course, seeking wild thoughts because those can always lead to innovation.


Converging – making some choices on solutions and then poking some holes in them and fixing them. How do we polish them to make them work for the team and the leadership, and most importantly – the target market?

action plan

Action Planning – what’s our strategic plan here. When? How? Where? Why? And by whom? Who are the idea champions?

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